Yin and Yang – It goes Both Ways

I remember a friend who said he wants to be a banker.  When asked why, he said that even when you are sleeping your money is earning more money.

Maybe that is why also many people want to be entrepreneurs — they see entrepreneurs ( especially the established ones) who can afford to take the day off, and still be earning money – the organization and its people, as well as your money goes ahead and work for you earning more!

My aunt who is a doctor keeps saying she envies me — She says as a doctor, if they stop working , the income stops coming, unlike my business.

But it works both ways.

If you are a banker, you are earning even when sleeping. If you are a borrower, you are paying interest as well even if you are sleeping, or even if your business is not functioning.

As an entrepreneur, you earn once it is established.

But what if it is not yet established?

If you are quitting a job to be an entrepreneur, you normally have to invest money in the venture. But your biggest investment could well be your time — you are not going to get a salary ( or at least your outflows will be more than your inflows) while you are trying to get it going.

It could well be that at least at the start, your earnings will be less than your regular job – plus no promise when you are going to get payback.

Most businesses may take awhile to establish.  As they say, an overnight business success takes seven years.

This is something to think about before you take the plunge.  If you are not sure, it might be a good idea to start conservative or part time to test your ideas first.

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