Breaking the task to Little Pieces

I got off the car and stretched. It has been a long drive. In one day, I drove over 400 kilometers to visit a place and back. I felt really bushed.

Now, I do drive some. Probably over 1,500 kilometers a month, or close to 20,000 kilometers a year, or most probably over 200,000 kilometers in 10 years. But it was more like a series of 6 to 8 short trips a day every day. Not in one stretch. And I started to think that driving so much, and never feeling so tired as driving that one stretch of 400 kilometers in one day was really because the task was broken into smaller pieces.

And probably that is what accomplishing something is about — break it into a series of steps.

I never knew I talked over 18 hours on the cell phone a month until I reviewed my phone statistics. It is amazing how a minute here and there can add up to so many hours.

Consider a housewife. How would she be daunted if looking forward, she had to wash 36,000 plates? But if indeed, she washes 6 or 7 plates per meal, that would indeed be the number she would be washing in five years.

Looking back it is amazing how much I have been able to accomplish a big task or project by breaking it into manageable tasks. I graduated MBA while managing 5 companies by simply reading a chapter a week using a few minutes each day.  I looked at my inbox.  Over 100,000 mails in my inbox accumulated over the years.  I read maybe over half of them. By reading a few emails every time I have a few minutes to spare.

We can never hope for the time or the resources to accomplish big things. But going at it regularly on a disciplined manner might just do it.

A faucet drip may add up to 15 galloons a day, or 5,400 gallons a year.

Have big ambitions, but don’t know where to start? Start small. But keep at it!

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