Incompetent Bosses, Inutile and Messed up Systems

Everyday when I go over blogs and news, I come across a good number of postings ranting about incompetent bosses.  Its probably one of the popular pastimes of many employees, and there are many websites that are dedicated solely for this. On the other hand, there are also a number of companies slammed for inutile processes and systems.  For sure, if both of them goes together, the company is doomed.  Happily, there are companies who have good bosses who are hired to fix badly messed up companies.  There are also companies who have encountered bad bosses, and at least have some good systems to sustain it or at least prevent a disaster.

Obviously, both goes together for successful companies, but if you only have one or the other, which is more important for the success? A company with a bad boss but competent employees and a good system, or a company with a great boss, but with no system, and so-so employees?

You would argue on one hand, that  a competent boss, can easily transform the company and start to set up effective processes but on the other hand, think about a global business franchise like McDonalds and its over 30,000 stores. I am sure there are some franchisees who may not necessarily make really good managers, and I’m sure some stores have managers that are probably wanting in skill, and could run any other independent business aground, and yet, most of the McDonalds stores are working.

It is because the culture, and the process is so strong, that somehow the store works out well.  So again, an excellent manager is important, but maybe the process culture should not be disparaged. Therein lies the value of franchise – you are buying a proven system that have worked in a majority of circumstances.

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