The Law of Plenty

I interview lots of people.  One of my favorite questions is of course, what the person does to get a job. More often than not, I would receive that the guy believes he does not have prospects, because he have sent out 5 or so application letters, and he did not get an interview.

5 applications?  when my brother went to the United States to get a masters degree, they were asked to send applications to major companies near their graduation.  Most of them were asked to send one or two hundred applications.  This is about the number of applications you sent in order to get some good interviews and choose a worthwhile company.

This is important. i have hired sales people who makes a few phone calls, and upon getting refusals, make the conclusion that there is no market for the product, or it is so difficult.

They have to learn to look at the apple tree. The tree may have hundreds of apples, each with ten or so seeds.  Why are there so many seeds?  Because many of them will not grow.  Many animals, like fishes, or mammals, releases thousands of eggs.  Why, because so much needs to be done in order to successfully create some.

Take a look at your chances. 

You may need to attend twenty interviews to get some decent offers.  ON the other hand, as an employer, you may need to interview dozens of people before you can find one good employee.  You may need to sell to fifty people in order to sell a computer, or an insurance policy.  You may need to ‘friend’ hundreds of people in facebook or attends lots and lots of parties, before you find your special friend or special someone.  .

This is just to say we should not be disappointed so easily .  Everything worthwhile is not easy.  If success was so easy, maybe it won’t be so rewarding or fulfilling.  Sucessful people are just people who succeed after they have failed a lot.  Learn to plant more seeds!

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