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YOu can also directly email your resume, bio, and application letter ( and other info) to OR you can just bring your bio and application directly to our office in CEBU or DAVAO. We will entertain applicants immediately during office hours.

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G++ to finish Davao warehouse end 1Q 2020

AFter finishing the Cebu warehouse and probable completion of its BAcolod facility in January 2020, G++ ( Ng khai joint venture with China partners) is announcing the third warehouse in Davao will be due by end first quarter 2020. This is the status as of October 2019. Itwill be available for rent, or managed 3PL warehouse .

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G++ finishes warehouse in Bacolod

AFter finishing the Cebu warehouse, G++ ( Ng khai joint venture with China partners) is announcing the near completion of the dry and cold storage warehouse in Bacolod. This is the status as of October 2019. It is slated to finish around January 2020, and will be available for rent, or managed 3PL warehouse .

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Doctorate Batch in CityU Hong Kong

Nov 23 2019 – After four hard years, today was supposed to be the graduation rites in city university of Hong Kong for my Doctor in business administration. It has been cancelled. University is closed for security and and they will just mail the diploma. So am patting myself and putting my own cap by just publishing some of our batch photos. – President Wilson Ng

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BeNG invests in NPax Philippines

Business Engineering Corporation (B-EN-G Japan) has announced it is investing equity in N-PAX Cebu Corporation (Philippines).  N-Pax has 18 years of business and IT experience in the Philippines providing IT Services related to manufacturing, accounting, and HR systems.  B-EN-G is a leading provider of global MRP and accounting system McFrame GA, and this partnership is expected to strengthen BENG’s sale in Philippines as well as provide better support to their global Japanese, American and Asia Pacific customers.  The new investment is expected also to enable Npax to expand its IOT, Digital transformation and Advanced Analytics services.

In Photo from left:  Motoshi Yamashita ( B-EN-G Singapore MD), Wilson Ng ( N-Pax CFO), Takahiro Toda ( N-pax CEO), Masanori Osawa ( B-EN-G CEO), Jimmy Flores (N-pax EVP), and Ken Kitai ( SEO, B-EN-G Global Business).

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5G and IoT

With peak data rates up to 20 times faster than 4G, 5G will serve as “the connective tissue” for the internet of things, autonomous cars, smart cities and new mobile applications. Photo: Shutterstock

This is the second in a series of articles analysing the impact of 5G mobile technology on people’s everyday lives...

The stakes are high for industries around the world, as global spending on the internet of things is forecast to exceed US$1 trillion in 2022, up from an estimated US$745 billion this year.


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Japanese Omotenashi

However, one idiosyncrasy unique to corporate Japan prevents the simple reduction of unessential workers to improve productivity. That is the concept of omotenashi, which the Japan National Tourist Organization defines as “the Japanese mindset of hospitality … an implicit understanding that there are no menial tasks if the result ensures a great experience for a guest.”

The thinking is that the construction company needs to provide services beyond just construction and the exam operator beyond just monitoring the exam, to ensure their “guests,” whether they are pedestrians, clients or exam-takers, are well looked after. Adding extra workers, then, become a necessary step to achieve omotenashi.

An idiosyncrasy unique to corporate Japan prevents the reduction of unessential workers to improve productivity.


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HR Recruitment Specialist NK012


-Must be a graduate of BS Psychology or 4 year Business Course
– Preferably with 1 year of work related experience
-Knowledge in other HR facet is an advantage(ER, CompBen,Admin, Labor, etc)
-With good network/linkages on Manpower source
-Has good oral and written communication skills
-Ability to work on several hiring targets simultaneously
-Ability to work independently with minimal supervision, meeting multiple deadlines in a high pressure environment.

Job Responsibilities:

-Creates and monitors job postings in Online Job Portals;
-Extracts and profiles applications from Online Job Portals;
-Profiles generated applications from all channels based on the hiring matrix/ Manpower Request Form (MRF);
-Coordinates, plans, and attends to special recruitment activities local and provincial;
-Creates materials for online job postings and recruitment events;
-Schedules and monitors show-up rate and pass rate of all applications endorsed for recruitment interview;
-Performs other sourcing related tasks including management of other sourcing channels.
-Able to perform other HR facet and admin tasks

Click here to go to Ng KHai employment application online…. It just takes a few minutes !

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