Doctoral thesis DBA

NG Khai CEO, wilson Ng Delivering a talk on his doctoral research thesis ( Factors Affecting Enterprise Mobility Adoption in Cebu) in CiBO’s Transformation Summit 2019 in Summit Galleria. Wilson is on his fourth year in his quest for Doctor of Business Administration in City University of Hong Kong.

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A Great Organization

-April 24, 2019

This year, we were in Japan for Easter Holidays, and went to Toshima Catholic Church in Tokyo. I was impressed with the organization, and here’s why:

a.) The church was done very simply. I always think that a church should be simple and elegant, and prevent ostentatious display.

2.) The people were friendly, and obviously enjoyed a great camaraderie. They welcomed strangers, and prepared snacks, and painstakingly painted Easter eggs for everyone.

3.) The group had Japanese, Filipinos, Asians, Chinese, Africans, Indians, altogether, and everybody seemed to be talking and enjoying each other.

4.) But sometimes, we are impressed by specific people we meet. Everybody did their parts well in the mass, but particularly the 30 piece choirs ( mostly Filipinos), and their Indonesian conductor. The conductor was young, and immensely inspired, and talented. He cued everybody, and did his conducting with gusto. But most of all, while he was bringing up everybody song after song, he always did so in an encouraging and friendly way, and with a smile. Its always inspiring when you see people bear great responsibility lightly.

I hope more organizations are like this. The future of most organizations ( when cyber groups are in vogue) will be their ability to form ever closer knit communities, and deeper relationships. A very enlightening Easter!

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HongKong film about filipina maids wins Awards

Hong kong film about a Filpina maid garners over a dozen award nominations – including Best picture, best director, best actor, best editing, best actress, best supporting.

Filipina actress Crisel Consunji wins best new performer award in the 38th Hong Kong Film awards for her role as a domestic helper in the movie, STILL HUMAN. The film (8 nominations) also got the best actor and best new director awards.

This trailer shows some moving performances of STILL HUMAN featuring Filipina Crisel Consunji, and how Filipina helpers in Hong Kong are making a difference. (Winner- 3 categories in recent Hong Kong Film Awards)


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