BeNG invests in NPax Philippines

Business Engineering Corporation (B-EN-G Japan) has announced it is investing equity in N-PAX Cebu Corporation (Philippines).  N-Pax has 18 years of business and IT experience in the Philippines providing IT Services related to manufacturing, accounting, and HR systems.  B-EN-G is a leading provider of global MRP and accounting system McFrame GA, and this partnership is expected to strengthen BENG’s sale in Philippines as well as provide better support to their global Japanese, American and Asia Pacific customers.  The new investment is expected also to enable Npax to expand its IOT, Digital transformation and Advanced Analytics services.

In Photo from left:  Motoshi Yamashita ( B-EN-G Singapore MD), Wilson Ng ( N-Pax CFO), Takahiro Toda ( N-pax CEO), Masanori Osawa ( B-EN-G CEO), Jimmy Flores (N-pax EVP), and Ken Kitai ( SEO, B-EN-G Global Business).

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Doctoral thesis DBA

NG Khai CEO, wilson Ng Delivering a talk on his doctoral research thesis ( Factors Affecting Enterprise Mobility Adoption in Cebu) in CiBO’s Transformation Summit 2019 in Summit Galleria. Wilson is on his fourth year in his quest for Doctor of Business Administration in City University of Hong Kong.

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Xiamen Tyko Group hosts CCCI Delegation visit to Fujian

On Sept 2018, Over 30 Cebu chamber of commerce and industry officlals, led by the president, Consul Antonio chiu, Cebu Governor Hilario Davide Jr, Danao mayor Nito Durano, and Cebu vice mayor Hon. Carlo Fortuna visited Xiamen for a 3 day offical business mission and to participate in the China International Conference on Investment and Trade (CIFIT) in xiamen China.

Xiamen Tyko group, a business partner of Ng Khai, hosted a dinner for the delegation, togehter with over 50 officlas and businessmen from Fujian China led by its vice governor.

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BeNG Japan Signs up with Npax Philippines


Toyo Business Engineering Corporation (B-EN-G, headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO Masanori Osawa) would like to announce a finalized agreement of Toyo Business Engineering Singapore Pte. Ltd., its local subsidiary in Singapore, with N-PAX Philippines, Inc. (N-PAX, headquartered in Manila, Philippines, President and CFO Wilson Ng) to sell and implement mcframe GA. N-PAX has provided IT services, primarily core business system architecture, to the Philippines for 15 years. mcframe GA is a next-generation accounting platform system aimed at foreign business bases. The partnership aims to expand mcframe GA’s reach in the Philippines.

Japanese Business Making Inroads in the Philippines
Since the start of the Duterte administration in July of 2016, on the back of increases in large-scale infrastructure and development, the Philippine economy has seen continual gains, growing 6% and approaching a per capita GDP of USD 3,000. The Philippines has a large population of over 100 million, a demographic dividend on account of an especially numerous youth demographic, invites foreign investment with special economic areas and favorable taxation systems, and relatively inexpensive labor. In addition, it has relatively low wage growth in comparison to other ASEAN countries, and few labor disputes. As a result, Japanese businesses (currently 1,400 companies) are expected to continue expanding to the Philippine market.

Aims of This Partnership
Since its establishment in 2002, N-PAX has provided enterprise IT solutions and services to the Philippines, primarily core business software (ERP, HR, payroll, etc.). With its large client base and exceptional human resources, N-PAX will handle sales and organizational support for the accounting and ERP package mcframe GA. The goal is to expand mcframe GA’s sales beyond their current scope of over 550 Japanese companies in 23 countries and regions worldwide. The two companies are aiming to complete 20 implementations of mcframe GA in the Philippines within 3 years.
Moreover, combining the experience that B-EN-G has accumulated through its three ASEAN bases (Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia), B-EN-G and N-PAX will provide their know-how to strongly support the advancement and expansion of Japanese businesses in the Philippines.

With this collaboration, mcframe GA’s sales network will cover all the major ASEAN countries, and the already successful sales of this product are expected to become further solidified.



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