Myles Ng Performs in TEDx-CUHK

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Meet our wonderful performers: Myles Ng and Anand Benegal, who will be performing in between sessions this year.

Myles is a first-year student from the Philippines, majoring in Economics. But more than just being a student, music has always been an important part of his life. Just days before moving to Hong Kong to study in CUHK, he became a published Singer-Songwriter with the release of his original debut single “If It’s Love”, available on all major music streaming platforms. Today, Myles is the male lead singer and guitarist of the Morningside College Band and is honing his musical craft.

Anand is a 3rd year Global Studies student with concentrations in ‘Global Politics’ and ‘Societies and Culture’. He is a jazz pianist who has been involved in storytelling through music and storytelling about music in CUHK since he arrived. He has performed regularly, in CU’s cultural festivals, and sunset concerts, with bands and by himself, as well as with the Woo Sing Choir in his 1st year. In his 2nd year, Anand created a workshop series on Jazz, Hip-hop, and World Music, which ran for two semesters in Lee Woo Sing College.

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2018-AAA Renaissance Cebuana Pageant

This is a project of the Province of Cebu in cooperation with the Cebu Provincial Women’s Commission and Ng Khai Development Corporation ( our 25th year celebration project) together with the Cebu Provincial Sports Commission and the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry with the participation of MULTI Stakeholder Groups in a Province Wide Search for the 2018 AAA Renaissance Cebuana. AAA stands for Athletics, Academics, and Art ( three talents that are indispensable in the modern woman).

The Search for the 2018 AAA Renaissance Cebuana aims to promote the rights of women and highlight women empowerment in the Province of Cebu. This program showcase the Cebuana’s strength & endurance, hard work & intelligence, and multi-faceted talent & skills.

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