HongKong film about filipina maids wins Awards

Hong kong film about a Filpina maid garners over a dozen award nominations – including Best picture, best director, best actor, best editing, best actress, best supporting.

Filipina actress Crisel Consunji wins best new performer award in the 38th Hong Kong Film awards for her role as a domestic helper in the movie, STILL HUMAN. The film (8 nominations) also got the best actor and best new director awards.

This trailer shows some moving performances of STILL HUMAN featuring Filipina Crisel Consunji, and how Filipina helpers in Hong Kong are making a difference. (Winner- 3 categories in recent Hong Kong Film Awards)


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State of Phil Internet

As of May 2018,

Internet penetration in the Philippines was reported at 63 percent of the country’s total 105 million population in 2018. This translates to about 67 million Filipinos, with almost all of them active on social media.

There were 109.2 mobile cellular subscriptions per 100 inhabitants in 2016, compared to 46.3 active mobile broadband subscriptions per 100 inhabitants. There were 5.5 fixed broadband subscriptions per 100 inhabitants.5

The slow uptake of broadband internet in the country is largely due to steep subscription fees. Meanwhile, both mobile and fixed broadband speed in the Philippines are low—at 14.07 and 17.57 Mbps respectively—compared to global averages of 22.99 and 47.83 Mbps.6

PLDT reported 58.29 million mobile phone subscribers as of December 31, 2017, while Globe had 60.68 million.

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China’s Social Credit app for the Youth

China is planning to introduce a huge social credit app that will apply to 460 million people between 18-45…

Named “unictown”, the app gives each user a credit score between 350 to 800 after its self-developed algorithm parses six different dimensions of data, including: personal information, volunteer work, social connections, credit history, consumption history and track record of honouring contracts.

In the case of college students, “positive information” such as publishing a research paper, obtaining an intellectual property right or working as a volunteer in nursing homes can all potentially lift an individual’s credit score. Conversely, cheating at exams and plagiarism can lead to negative results in a credit score.

Those with low credit scores will not be punished as such, they will just not receive the same benefits that those with scores above 640 – considered as “excellent credit” – will be entitled to, such as discounts when buying online courses within the app or even being parachuted into the second-round of interviews when applying for jobs.

People with good scores can enjoy training and employment perks, and rewards can be expanded to flat rentals, overseas education, dating and even marriage.


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China’s Experiment to make you an outcast

China’s people who are on the social credit blacklist – those that owe money, or engage in undesirable behavior, finds themselves unable to ride fast trains, planes, or go to good schools, or rent nice apartments, or even open bank accounts….

‘Discredited individuals’ in China are barred from taking high-speed train and flights as part of the country’s efforts to adopt a carrot-and-stick approach to building trustworthiness

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5 in Asia among the world’s most expensive 10 cities

After topping the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Worldwide Cost of Living Survey for five years, Asia’s Lion City has been joined by Paris and Hong Kong in a tie at the top of the table.

Zurich and Geneva rounded out the top five, while New York and Los Angeles reclaimed spots in the top 10 — ranking in seventh and 10th respectively — after slipping to 13th and 14th last year thanks to a weakening dollar.

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