Is AI ready to be a writer?

Earl Ng made a test in which he competed with a computer ( GPT-3), in who can write a better article about Artificial Intelligence Safety in 30 minutes. He posted the 2, and asked to vote. Of course, I was able to guess which one was written by him ( the better one, of course!). AI, you still have some way to go.

Inferring the correlation between X and Y, or writing an article in a magazine. Between these two tasks, which one can only be done by a human, and which can be done by a machine? It would seem like the answer is fairly straightforward isn?t it? Inferring a correlation between two variables is math. Of course a human could do it. But that would be tedious and time consuming. It would be easier to just let the machine do that, because it can.


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5G and IoT

With peak data rates up to 20 times faster than 4G, 5G will serve as “the connective tissue” for the internet of things, autonomous cars, smart cities and new mobile applications. Photo: Shutterstock

This is the second in a series of articles analysing the impact of 5G mobile technology on people’s everyday lives...

The stakes are high for industries around the world, as global spending on the internet of things is forecast to exceed US$1 trillion in 2022, up from an estimated US$745 billion this year.


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Bill Gates says AI should improve education and medicine

Artificial intelligence is an unusual technology with the potential to both harm and help us, Microsoft co-founder and now philanthropist Bill Gates urged. So to ensure it’s a boon, we should put AI to work improving health and education.

“The world hasn’t had that many technologies that are both promising and dangerous,” Gates said Monday, mentioning nuclear energy and nuclear weapons as other examples with that much potential for profound change. As for areas where AI has helped society so far, he said, “I won’t say there are that many.”….

Artificial intelligence is “both promising and dangerous,” like nuclear weapons and nuclear energy, Microsoft’s co-founder says.

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Facial Recognition: Apple, Amazon, Google race to outdo

Whether you want it to or not, facial recognition (sometimes called simply “face recognition”) is poised to play an ever-growing role in your life. Your face could be scanned at airports or concerts with or without your knowledge. You could be targeted by personalized ads thanks to cameras at shopping malls. Facial recognition has plenty of upside. The tech could help smart home gadgets get smarter, sending you notifications based on who it sees and offering more convenient access to friends and family. ….

Facial recognition technology is both innovative and worrisome. Here’s how it works and what you need to know.


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How technology can ensure you never lose Anything

Employing technology to keep your home orderly can make life easier for everyone. So, what are the ways that organisational apps and devices might spark, if not quite domestic joy, at least a sigh of relief?

Just want you’re looking for…
One estimate claims we waste a year of our lives looking for things we mislay

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