AI to take over 85% of customer interactions by 2020

With the way it is sweeping industries that invest and rely in technology, two experts have likened Artificial Intelligence to a tsunami?a tsunami that brings forth waves of change. When industries are involved, so is the workforce, which is predicted to be affected most by AI in the near future. by Euden Valdez
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Global PC shipments resume slide in fourth quarter -CNET

The global PC market returned to its familiar downward slope in the fourth quarter, according to preliminary numbers from market analysts.

PC makers shipped 68.6 million personal computers in the final quarter of 2018, a decline of 4.3 percent compared with the same period a year earlier, market researcher Gartner reported Thursday. IDC reported similar results, tallying 68.1 million PC shipments for the quarter, a 3.7 percent decline. More …

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