Ng Khai process of modeling and design a data center’s IT resources, architectural layout and entire infrastructure. Although data center is a broad term that includes various processes and techniques, a data center design in form of documents, modeled diagram systems or a combination of both.

          The computing aspect in designing datacenter may incorporate, number and type of required servers, network layout  and equipment, enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, data center management or any required software.

          We also consider physical that houses all equipment, Data center power, cooling and ventilation system like Precession air conditioning system (Pacu), and Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

          Ng Khai had proven track records in building big datacenters projects. The high standards of excellence exemplified by our people. Provider of the best Information Technology hardware, software, networking and communications solutions and backed with a number of recognitions and awards from its respected partners and principals NGKHAI  continuously provide the best innovations and solutions as we expand and grow in the market.

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