Currently, Ng Khai is a Gold Partner of HP and a Service One Partner for
more than 20 years.

At a recent HP briefing, there was considerable surprise and excitement among systems integrators with regard to the scope and trajectory of HP’s innovation pipeline. Our activity in emerging digital markets, combined with our scale and stability, make HP an attractive collaboration partner. Through our work with
alliance partners consulting and developing solutions, we are enabling customers to optimize business outcomes and realize the maximum potential from their investments.

We’re working toward the ultimate win-win: HP as vendor of choice for the tools of transformation—and customers who can evolve and thrive on their transformation journey, as a system integrator throughout the process with our customers.

As a trusted advisor, we bundle PCs and integrate our services into a single contract for the benefit of our customers technology transformation. We listen, assess, and then design a plan just for you. We learn about client challenges and develop a unique service and hardware solution that fits you and your users’ exact needs. Because we work with different industries and corporations, we’re experts in providing solution that are scalable to your business. We manage everything from logistics and warehousing to installation, data migration, delivery, and setup, so you and your IT staff can focus on getting the most out of your technology tools.

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