What technology is allowing us to do, the possibilities that it has opened for people and how it is advancing our world.

Big companies are constantly striving to build better products on already set standards and disruptive startups are bringing new dimensions to affordable technology for SMEs. But sadly, many companies still use OUTDATED software and lag behind in the competitive business environment. Staying UPDATED with the software tools can bring EFFICIENCY and increased PRODUCTIVITY for a BUSINESS.

ONE of the SOLUTION is Office 365 by Microsoft: a cutting-edge enterprise technology that is changing the way companies do business. Ng Khai Development Corporation has been a provider of excellent Microsoft Services. We have skilled and capable people that will help you plan and execute from Integration to Migration. To help you understand further, we are listing the top five reasons how this software can bring about change to your business.

Protection against data loss

Data Security and Control


All your application in one place

Migration Simplified

As Ng Khai Development Corporation has been a Microsoft solution provider since 1995, and a GOLD Partner of Microsoft since 1998 up to the present and we will be very HAPPY to SUPPORT & HELP You set up the Right Office that is best fit to your Organization.

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