Ng Khai Development Corporation has been dedicated on providing IT solutions to customers from end to end.

With this, being partnered to one of the leading IT industry like Vertiv – a leading provider of equipment and services of datacenters.

Ngkhai cares on protecting your data and security so we partnered Vertiv that builds and services critical infrastructure that enables vital applications for data centers, communication networks and commercial and industrial facilities.

Ngkhai and Vertiv support today’s growing mobile and cloud computing markets with a portfolio of power, thermal and infrastructure management solutions.

So why Vertiv? The words “vertex” and “active” in our name signify that we connect to our customers in a real and lasting way, we Ngkhai and Vertiv collaborate to find innovative solutions to customers even with the most complex problems.

What we do and offer?                                         

We offer unsurpassed global scale and broad expertise, from below.

Protect your critical systems and ensure continuous operations with full featured and cost-effective power solutions.

Like Ngkhai Development Corporation vision To be the leading trusted provider in the Philippines of ICT infrastructure, solutions, customer loyalty and technology competence.

And Vertiv – vision to always seek to help our customers create a world where critical technologies always work. 

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