Technology has been dynamically evolve due to high demand of the business in which it comprises with vital requirement, such as:

  • Availability – To insure 24 x 7 operation of the business
  • Scalability – Ability to scale-up at any given time the capacity is needed
  • Security – Data Protection
  • Deliver Mission-Critical Services On Demand

Over the years it has been notice traditional servers and storage cost so much in terms of CAP-EX and ass well as OP-EX and at the same time the ability to this traditional server can no longer adopt the demand of the business, with the revolutionary technology of VMWARE (VIRTUALIZATION OR SERVER CONSOLIDATION), physical server can be reduce up to 70% off without compromising the capabilities. Ng Khai has proven installed based in terms of VIRTUALIZATION to different customers like FINANCIAL INSTITUTTION, HOSPITALS, MANUFACTURING PLANT, BPO’S GOVERNMENT & ETC

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