Warehouse Clerk G+005

Job Scope:

  • Maintain records of all activities and processes pertaining to the storehouse
  • Prepare and verify supplies before distribution.
  • Process and handle papers and documents relating to warehouse supplies
  • Maintain warehouse premises clean and neat.
  • Ensure compliance of safety procedures in running warehouse operations.
  • Implement best practices in maintaining and managing warehouse
  • Attending to detail to ensure items are properly placed in the warehouse and orders are filled according to specifications

 Requirements and Qualifications:

  • College level or graduate of any computer related course.
  • Highly organized and computer literate.
  • Experience in clerical work is a plus factor.
  • Can do multi-tasking is advantage
  • Reading comprehension
  • Counting skills
  • Displaying good time management skills, including punctuality and limiting downtime
  • Valuing teamwork since several people are often involved in the process of moving and delivering materials, such as customer service representatives and transport drivers

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