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Since 1993, Ng Khai has been a leading partner for major international tech brands in Southern Philippines.

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Ng Khai started as an offshore development center for Asia and the United States. Over the years we have created partnerships with American, Japanese, and Chinese companies and diversified into computer hardware retail, networking, integration, as well as full office fit-outs. We offer products and services ranging from RFID, CCTV, solar panel green energy, datacenter construction and operation, and warehouse management systems, and 3rd party logistics provision.

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Industry Case Studies

Exploring the realm of online casinos, a pivotal focus shifts towards the integration of seamless and secure payment methods, among which Klarna Sofort stands out in the Austrian market. This method not only garners popularity for its familiarity and established trust among users but also for its prompt transaction capabilities, enhancing the gaming experience by minimizing waiting times for both deposits and gameplay continuation. While its advantages are numerous, including rapid transaction processing and heightened security, potential users should also be mindful of the limitations, such as the unavailability of direct withdrawals to Klarna accounts, necessitating alternative methods for receiving winnings. For a comprehensive understanding and detailed guide on leveraging Klarna Sofort for online gaming, visit This resource meticulously evaluates the service’s reliability, operational mechanics in casinos, and juxtaposes it with other payment options, ensuring a well-rounded perspective for potential and current users.

This customer wanted a partner to be able to install thousands of internet subscriber lines (SLI) in Cebu City and whole of Davao and Northern Cotabato every month.  We were able to recruit, train and mobilize over 200 technicians driving over 100 vans in a couple of weeks, and successfully won a service award on our first year.

This major hospital needed several robust servers and enterprise storage in order to store thousands of scanned medical images, and years of patient data across their various hospitals.  We deployed terabytes of storage with multiple backup, and security to insure that patients data would be accessible yet secure. 

This university wanted to refurbish hundreds of computers in their labs, and beefed up with faster networks and security. Also to install various Wi-Fi repeaters all over the campus for their students e-learning, as well as CCTV to insure safety. 

This finance company with thousands of branches all over the Philippines primarily for money remittance commissioned two huge datacenters in North and South Philippines that will be able to handle thousands of possible transactions every hour, with enterprise level security and backups.

This manufacturing company needed an inventory system that would incorporate the best practices of Japan Kanban system, and Justin time inventory plus faster response time and much better accuracy. The solution not only involved better software, plus also RFID and advanced monitoring devices and handhelds.

This major food company needed not only warehouse and cold storage space, but people to handle the receiving, palletizing, and dispatch of goods that would present much better accuracy, FIFO methods, and less losses to pilferage.  The challenge involved multiple warehouse locations serving hundreds of fast food outlets with an enterprise warehouse management system incorporating best 3PL practices.

This American software company wanted a partner that would help them develop new versions of their software, beta test it, and also support their client base.   We have successfully not only develop multiple upgrades of the software, but also have helped them port to multiple platforms.  The partnership has been ongoing for over 20 years, and continues to gain strength to strength.

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Blue Collar – Tech Jobs

Management Trainee

A management trainee works under the supervision of managers and executives in the company. Their core responsibility is to gain essential knowledge to become future managers to departments that will be assigned to him. JOB DESCRIPTION: Understand how the company operates Support managers with various tasks ( e.g., policy making, goal setting) Familiarize with manager’s…

Office Jobs

HR Officer

JOB DESCRIPTION: Assist in the hiring process Properly orient new hires regarding company policies and procedures Ensure employees perform based on company expectations Ensure accurate and proper record-keeping of employee information And other overall HR duties QUALIFICATIONS: Graduate of Psychology, Human Resources and Development Management, or any related behavioral courses Good communication skills Computer literate…

Office Jobs

IT Engineers

JOB DESCRIPTION: Tackle hardware, software and integration solutions Help our customer install products, deliver services and applications to increase productivity Desktop and server configuration Technical products and services support To respond to any issues and follow-up by coordinating with the appropriate departments or field units Overall IT systems knowledge and network support QUALIFICATIONS: Graduate of…